To inspire successful conservation management of threatened species outside protected areas in Kalimantan

The Foundation builds effective conservation management through
• Design and management of Conservation Reserves
• Species protection and sustainable use
• Technical and advisory support, and
• Community based management

• Support conservation management and restoration of natural habitats
• Guide the design and management of permanent Conservation Areas
• Protect and manage Rare, Threatened or Endangered species
• Provide science-based technical advisory and educational support
• Partner with government, educational bodies, the private sector and local communities and other interested stakeholders to advance the cause and practice of biodiversity conservation.

Head : Rob Stuebing;
Managing Director : Suimah
Secretary : Zulfitriani
Treasurer : Elinar Polina
Administration : Ramaniah
Biodiversity Officer : Kahang Aran
Community Officer : Ingan Njuk
Awareness and learning Unit : Fauziah Abdun
Field Assistant : Iwan M