Vision & Mission

Through science-based conservation management and sustainable use the Foundation shall ensure the persistence of all naturally occurring species, and the quality life for human residents within the natural landscapes of Kalimantan lying outside protected areas

The Foundation builds effective conservation management through
• Design and management of Conservation Reserves
• Species protection and sustainable use
• Technical support for scientific evaluation and management of wetland ecosystems, and
• Community based, long-term management (based on science, education, and the benefits of sustainable use)

• Protect and manage all Rare, Threatened or Endangered species in Mesangat and adjacent wetlands
• Support conservation management through long-term restoration of natural habitats
• Ensure sensible design and management of permanent Conservation Areas
• Provide science-based technical and educational opportunities for local communities and students
• Partner with government, educational bodies, the private sector and local communities and other interested stakeholders to advance the cause and practice of biodiversity conservation.